Friday, April 13, 2012

Dreaming Out Loud

     We all deserve to feel safe! The world seems like a precarious place. Everyone is hanging on, as the world appears to be spinning out of control. When did we forget to breath? We’re all unified and in this together, whether we want to be or not. It’s time to remove the kaleidoscope glasses and embrace one another for who we are.
     Our spirits came to the earth plain with a strong intention to succeed, yet each of our perceptions may appear worlds apart. Defining success is allowing ourselves to trust our individual beliefs. For some, a successful day is to have made it to the end. For others, it’s a series of defining moments and a myriad of progressive leaps and bounds.
     Intentions are so imperative, being they are the direct manifestations of our creations. What’s to say that the action one person takes is any less significant than another individual. It’s time we stop imposing ourselves on others and wait for our opinions to be optioned, rather than infringed.
     I propose we opt to trust everyone’s doing exactly what their soul came here to experience. If you encounter a person who seems driven to worsen your circumstance, in some particular way, own that on some level, you called it forth. If we came here to learn, we apparently, value lessons, which are often painful and appear misguided. So, why is that? Well, I would dare to explain, not everything is felt through joy and happiness. If it were, people wouldn’t act out!
     In a perfect world, we’d all find mutual respect and be able to meet people where they are. In other words, except they’ve had a different circumstance and have drawn other opinions or conclusions. Why must there always be a wrong or right? I want equality for everyone! I personally wish animals and the planet didn’t have to be harmed or destroyed! I subscribe to freedom, peace and higher levels of consciousness! I look around and always recognize, I’m dreaming out loud, but I still dare to dream. It’s my divine right. To dream allows us to be a visionary, global, positive force to be reckoned with. Affirming positive dreams essentially, shifts the energy or vibration and re-aligns our position.
     Being insightful, balanced, determined, enlightened, inspirational, are all magnificent qualities indeed. These elements come through clarity, you know the place, it lives in the knowingness you’ve surrendered and have learned to trust yourself. Everything we ever needed has always lived inside ourselves. I simply know this to be true, because I came here alone and I’m definitely leaving alone. I packed light, bringing only what I needed. Besides, I’ve never seen a Hearst towing a U-Haul encompassed in anyone’s exit strategy.

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