Friday, June 1, 2012

What in the World

    When did kindness and caring become out of style? Is it now cool to be impolite and rude to others?  I’m a far stretch from Miss Manners and a formal invitation keeps me wondering if I’ll drink out of the next guy’s beverage beside me by accident.  This is not what I’m talking about. I’m looking at the way in which we behave toward others. It’s as though we’ve forgotten we’re all in this together.

     What’s wrong with showing our support to a neighbor or friend instead of being competitive? How many times have you looked out your window noticing situations where people seemed like they could use a hand or at least an encouraging remark? Have you driven or walked by an event or circumstance thinking you should get involved or possibly make a donation? Why do we continue to turn away and pretend things aren’t happening out there in the world?

     I’ll tell you why; most people are frightened out of their mind that they could be the next person or family out on the street or out of work. We worry about being able to manage our own expenses or some are clearly worried how they will put food on the table for their children. According to startling statistics from Feeding America, 49 Million Americans don’t have dependable, consistent access to enough food - 17 Million alone are children who are hungry.

     The sad reality is that many people assume that it’s only the homeless people living on the streets who are hungry and struggling. (Like that’s not bad enough!) Many people, who are out there working, can’t provide enough income to sustain their families. The unemployment rate rose to 8.2% in May leaving a limited amount of options for those in particular who have lesser degrees in education.  This is just the United States, never mind all of our friends in other countries whose numbers are also staggering.

     Don’t let me get started on the domestic animals abused and neglected by humans who are simple cruel or unfortunately can no longer afford to provide for their pets, who wind up in over populated Shelters and Humane societies hoping they get adopted next. What is going on and why are there so many pet sitters and landscapers. No offense to the people making their living this way, but why are there hardly any children outside walking their dogs any longer. It’s very rare to see children ever doing this or mowing a lawn, weeding a garden, growing fruits or vegetables with their parents or guardians.

     Here’s an idea, shut off the computer, televisions, phones and video games where children and adults are fixated on killing one another for fun! Go outside and do something productive. You don’t always have to have your children compete in just sports. Why don’t we teach them more about healthy living, how to protect the environment, help an elderly neighbor etc. Families can work at food banks, grow food for starving families, and learn to pass their clothing down to needy families. It’s time to stop watching dumbass shows on TV about people having the best houses, cars, more possessions, greed, killing, hunting, hurting etc.

     I ask parents why they wanted their children in the first place. Yes, we want a better world for our kids, but that means being a vital part of the community and not turning our backs on others. Remember, those who are out there struggling and children not getting proper care and nutrition will only perpetuate the problems in the world. The sad part is that it wasn’t their fault to begin with at all.

     We are using our supplies up in this world. We consume far too much and continue to breed way too many children. There are plenty of children who desperately need homes. There are also many animals that need our help too. Why can’t we work together to take care of whose already here on earth and work to get that straightened out first, before adding to the pile.

     Education is the key on so many levels. It’s time to figure out what we don’t seem to understand and make it a priority to learn while teaching our families. Mother Earth is getting grumpy! She’s not going to tolerate our nonsense too much longer folks. Get green, get real and get on board! There’s much to do and so little time. Every day we can simply choose one thing to make a difference. Let’s get rocking.

Homeless child in the United States

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