Monday, June 10, 2013

United Peace

United Peace

I call for all of us to unite in peace. We are fragile pretending to be isolated and alone. Many of us share similar beliefs and now more than ever need to come forward and protect the little we have left such as: Privacy, freedom, personal rights, protection from a dwindling environment, and animal rights. It’s critical to have the option to choose if we’d like to be a part of this negativity. Many people I’ve spoken with feel similarly in regards to the inherent danger and limitations imposed upon us all daily. Allow me to name just a mere few to see if you too can relate. If so, it’s good to know you’re not alone. May I remind you that your voice counts and what would be important is to formulate these concerns in a cohesive list. This would encompass proposed measures to positively make a change and reclaim what was taken when we weren’t participating or lost our way in some manner. Life is simply a series of endless possibilities waiting to be explored.

The List

·       Believe in yourself.

·       Trust that change is inevitable.

·       Understand that destiny is our creation.

·       Decide to put personal difference aside for the greater good.

·       Unite in Peace

·       Have a conversation asking people if they too wish to express their concerns and make a positive difference.

·       Recognize there are no actual leaders, just spokespeople who can communicate effectively when action is necessary.

·       Be willing to cherish our resources and help make decisions that are fair and progressive.

·       Consider we are all in this together and we are all equal.

·       Remember that light and dark co-exist and can find harmony and balance.

·       No longer except, ingest, or consume chemical products in our water, air, food, and clothing.

·       Be willing to meditate, pray, call upon, or simply affirm to create enough collective energy establishing a wave of perfection all flowing in the same direction.

·       Simplify our lives across the board.

·       Go green in deeper and richer ways than you’ve ever known.

·       Establish a global forum where ideas and cooperative exchanges can ensue productively. A new Global United Nation where the people of the world are truly honored and their voices are heard and clear.

·       Reflect on what a world of perfection might look like and create a united vision.

·       Stop harming animals on all levels by developing a cruelty-free society.

·       Allow personal artistic expression.

·       Embrace all diversity and simply choose to treasure the interesting dynamics we all bring together.

·       Try and realize those in pain. (Human trafficking, rape, domestic & child abuse, homelessness, diseased, addicted, arrested, hungry, discriminated, lonely, and scared.) There are many more than you may think.

·       Share, enrich, develop, embrace, inspire, reflect, forgive, be grateful, have hope and believe.


I’ve only named a few to start the conversation. Please reflect on these points and feel free to add some others. We all matter regardless of where we live, how we dress, what we earn etc. Try telling a Polar Bear floating on a tiny piece of ice not to worry, it has plenty of time. Imagine if each person in the world simply made one kind gesture or effort. Than imagine if we networked to keep track of this global change to celebrate our continued success. That is most certainly a force to be reckoned with. A celebration of love and honor is the ultimate power. Ain’t no shame in that game!

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