Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Liam and his twin sister Zenya reveal a secret about their father Dorian which devastates Samuel. Together they set upon a quest to protect the future generations of the Demongelic species. The Demongelics face off with an unrelenting source of evil that works to take over the Manor and completely infiltrate the Temple of VERITAS and its clergy. Liam uses his Vital Light Force to awaken a beast-like creature not seen by mankind for centuries. Things turn violent as their combined forces reign terror upon the hierarchy and all the residents at the Temple of VERITAS.

Can lives be spared or will innocence be lost? Will religious vows be broken? Will the Demon prevail? Can the Angel of Mercy protect, guide and not forsake Liam during his true test of courage and strength? This looming threat beckons the question of what will happen when worlds collide!

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